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211 is a contact centre that has been set up within the Information Technology Centre, Division of Finance & Enterprise Development in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA). It provides information on government services in Tobago and provides 24-hour access to emergency service providers on the island. Residents of, and visitors to Tobago can dial these three (3) digits to gain toll-free access to a wide range of services provided by the Divisions of the THA.

Get quick access to emergency to police, fire and ambulance services

Persons seeking information on government services or requiring emergency access to Tobago Emergency Medical Services (TEMS), Police and Fire Services are encouraged to use the “211” service.  To access the service, dial “211.” The call is automatically transferred to a trained Contact Centre Agent (CCA). At the customer’s request the CCA conducts a search of the database and relays information to the customer.

The 211 Call Centre represents the commitment of the Tobago House of Assembly to enhance access to quality services to residents of, and visitors to Tobago with a view to bringing government closer to the people. This is consistent with the desire of the Tobagonian, the Comprehensive Economic Development Plan (CEDP) for Tobago. We have taken great care to produce a service of which all can be justifiably proud.